An engaging world travel quiz game undertaken in teams. A blend of country specific general knowledge, physical tasks, craft and cuisine with over 30 country locations to choose from make this a truly international team building format.

Experience everything from Capoeira Fighting to Bavarian Drinking Songs as your teams’ journey around the world trying to score as many points as they can.

Around the World is a conference room based team building challenge. This inclusive format examines your team's ability to plan, manage their time and then implement their ideas quickly and effectively.

The varied subject matter from around the world ensures that the format caters for all interests ensuring a high level of activity buy in and subsequently delivering a high return on investment in your team building session.

Looking for something a little different? Why not let us rewrite this activity around your global or regional office locations. Celebrate your Company’s geography as a team in your very own Around the World Team Building Event.


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