Our workshops can be adapted for an extensive range of topics and themes or tailored to any session; from after school clubs to weeklong arts projects. 

The workshops are extremely hands-on and help to educate whilst making the process of learning more enjoyable. All workshops are lead by professionally trained animators, bringing industry expertise to the process.

Team Building: Our workshops provide a chance for businesses and organisations to re-discover the joys of plasticine. Using our professional resources and expertise, teams will be taken through the process of creating their own plasticine characters and bringing them to life through animation!

Producing an animation allows a team to become a film crew for the day – building skills in confidence, communication and co-operation. The animation can be made just for fun or even as a resource; perhaps a feature for the company website or an inter-office highlight of team-values.

The structure of the session is extremely flexible; a team can either work to a brief set by us or can come with their own idea that they would like us to support. Making a short animation gives the team a chance to think creatively and deligate the different roles required for film production. Thinking creatively promotes activity in areas of the brain responsible for goal-directed behaviour and motivation to achieve. It allows people to discover new approaches to working and encourages innovative problem solving.

School Workshops: During our workshops young people have the chance to write scripts, make models and sets, animate characters and watch their films back after the process on the big screen. Workshops have a range of positive outcomes for young people, including planning and communication skills, developing group work and building self confidence. The workshops also introduce new technical skills through working with digital media, including cameras and ICT equipment.

Our workshops provide a positive, constructive experience; giving young people a real sense of achievement through seeing the amimated results after working hard on a production. We always try to organise a screening of films for family and friends where possible and every young person is sent a copy of their film on DVD.



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