With over 12 years of experience and a carefully selected team of teachers and performing professionals we cover a wide range of social dances such as Ballroom and Latin, Line Dancing, and also Ballet, Jazz and many more.

Starting from a social dance background we understand how important including dance is in any event, be it private or public, for business or pleasure.

Corporate Team Building - How to improve your company’s performance and promote your product: Dance theme events deliver an amazing feel good factor at an inexpensive way. Because many people will not socialise much outside of work related conversations a dance theme party will help your staff interact with each other. As a result, team dynamics and performance will improve.

Better teamwork: Social dance can create a rewarding workplace atmosphere. Senior staff will get to know their team members fast and effectively. A team dance competition will bring out the natural leaders and encourage team work. Social dance also increases coordination, reduces stress and improves self-confidence and communication with others. This will help your employees build a strong sense of belonging to their workplace and improve their relationships and interaction with colleagues.

Product launches: Dance workshops can make your product the centre of attention because they involve your audience emotionally. For example, a London based company that hired our team recorded a 32% increase in visitor turnout than in previous events. Visitors spent more time at the launch of and got more involved with the product.

Exhibitions: Use dance as an effective marketing tool. Dance entertainment on an exhibition or as a visitor experience will captivate the people you want to talk to and help get your message across better and faster. Because a pastime mindset makes people more accepting of new ideas.

Conferences: Dance workshops improve socializing at any business event. They break the ice especially between your employees and your clients. By interacting physically social restraining and barriers, which often constrain conversation will disappear. It’ll be an unconscious bonding experience. As a result, client relations get more open and trusting.

Try any dance theme party, 60’s, disco, 30’s, Line dancing, Ballroom, Latin and many more.


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