Do you & your team want to have your very own 5 minutes of fame? Have you always wanted to shout the words Lights, Camera, Action!! This is the opportunity to be the hero, the baddy or even that monster from outer-space, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

What better way to stretch your team’s creativity and communication skills than have them plan, script, direct, perform and edit their very own 5 minute Movie Blockbuster. What ever your occasion or objective you can be sure that your team’s are in for an entertaining, rewarding and above all motivational team building experience.

Your team’s challenge is to produce a hard hitting, attention grabbing and above all entertaining film from one of the categories picked from our secret envelopes. The Film short will be scored on technical merit, commercial viability, professionalism & team involvement but above all most points will be awarded for entertainment & fun factor!

Whilst editing of the movies is taking place, the teams are given the ideal opportunity to earn extra points by showing off their film knowledge by taking part in the Movie Mad Quiz made up of 4 rounds - Name That Film, Director’s Cut, How Many Words & Hollywood - Here I Come!

The Premiere: At this stage it can be combined with our Hollywood Oscars Theme Night Package or as a stand alone film premiere. Whatever you have chosen to do, the time has come to show the final cut of your Hollywood Blockbuster. Teams will be met by our Executive Producer who will be making his own decision on which team will win:

  • Best Film (judged on quality & commercial viability)
  • Best Actor
  • Best Director
  • Newcomer.

Films will be shown cinema style on our HD projector and through our powerful sound system to give the authentic blockbuster effect.

This is always a fun and enjoyable time of the event as clients and colleagues get to see each other as they never have before. What better way to finish an event than to have your whole company laughing with and at each other’s superb efforts.


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