It's a Knockout is still one of our most popular team building experiences. You can't beat it for wacky moments, lots of laughs and nostalgia.

Looking for an unforgettable experience day for the team? You've struck gold. It's a Knockout is all about embracing new experiences and losing all your inhibitions! We can tailor make the day to suit your specification and requirements!

The Ultimate Battle Zone: A competitor from each team has to mount the gladiator stands and then use the pugil sticks to smash each other off their stands. The match is a best of three competition, then the next participants jump on.

Crazy Obstacle Course: A relay based sprint where the team members will be required to squeeze through, fly over and weave in and out our crazy obstacle course. See your team mates struggle and collect the toys to win!

Slippery Slope: Because there "ain’t no mountain high enough" we have an inflatable substitute! In an attempt to recreate Handballs exploits you’ll be required to get your anchor man to the top and then get the whole team over the mountain to the other side and collect as many balls as possible.

Human Demolition: Human’s ready, Demolition ball ready, 3, 2, 1... This game does exactly what is says on the tin, demolish the other team using the huge demolition ball. The team that falls off the least is awarded maximum points.

Human Table Football: A giant human version of the pub game, table football. The 10 participants strap themselves into the harness that is then attached to the poles. The game of football then commences. Great fun for parties, corporate events and team building.

Bungee Run: Challenge your team mates to the bungee run. Tied to a bungee cord you have to sprint up the inflatable runway and reach as far as you can to stick your marker in front of your team mates. The marker in the front is the winner however you have to then sprint back up and get you marker. If you manage to stick your marker the furthest and retrieve it again full points are awarded for your team.

Grand 'Hop' National: Have you ever hopped on an inflatable pony and bounced your way to an inflatable finish line? Well now you can, with our pony hop racing, for both adults and children. This event is full of fun and good spirit, something that you will be talking about for a long time to come.

Penguin Hurdle Chase: This is no ordinary hurdle race; delegates will be competing against each other dressed as penguins!! This unique chase is a hilarious activity which requires all your team to dress in the penguin costume and hurdle as quickly as possible to gain the winning points.

Krazy Kangaroos: And you thought Kangaroos were soft lovely animals. Not our Krazy Kangaroos put one of your team members into the suit and look at them run. The aim of the game is to hunt down the other kangaroo and steel the baby kangaroo. The kangaroo that steel the baby is declared the winner.

Sumo Suits: This is THE test when it comes to strength, into the Sumo suit you get, and into the ring you step. You will pit your wits against your opponent, where you will have to use all your body strength to push your rival out of the ring.

Penalty Shootout: This game can be used either on its own or you can use the Kangaroo suits to add a bit of spice to the event. Players will have to get there aim spot on if they are to beat our keeper in the nets and get it through one of the holes in the goal.


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