Rock & Roll Experience offers participants an exhilarating but business related event which fuses the heady mix of living the rock & roll dream, whilst also developing a better and more focused group of individuals that work together to become an effective and productive team.

This totally inclusive event sees the delegates split into five main groups where they will be put through a crash course on their chosen instrument. This will see them being taught by music industry professionals in that chosen discipline, whether it’s drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards or vocals.

Once they have developed the necessary skills (which is easy; Just look at the animalistic maniacs that are successful in music!), they will get together in band units to write a number one hit! They will be coached through the songwriting process but they will have the opportunity to get creative offer their ideas.

Music is a great leveller, and this is where everyone needs to pull together because a band is only as strong as its weakest member. The bands then enter the stage area in full rock clobber.

Spandex, perms, and tattoos welcome. Alter Egos will be born. Dave the accountant will become Razor the lead guitarist! All musical equipment and rock outfits are provided. The room will have been transformed with full professional PA system, stage lighting, smoke machine and full backiline for a rock show.

The stage is set and the atmosphere instantly becomes one of excitement and anticipation. Here the bands will perform their songs to the crowd before a vote is taken to decide upon the winner. Move aside Simon Cowell, this is the only real talent contest in the UK.

The pro musician facilitators can also provide a set of classic pop and rock songs to end the event with a slick demonstration of how good live music can sound. This is a popular option at evening events as it saves hiring extra evening entertainment. It’s ALL provided in one event.

All Rock & Roll Experience team members are specialists in their field. We do not provide a range of team building activities from canoeing to cocktail making, we do not create half baked events just for the sake of variety. We do not subcontract, we do not hire in facilitators and let them get on with the work and hope that they do a good job for us.

Each of us have worked in that environment and know that ultimately the end result is never its best. Instead we focus on one type of team building event that we know best and we do it to the highest standard. For this we use of years of specialist expertise to deliver the best event possible.

We consist of real musicians who are working in the music industry today to bring the level of knowledge, skill, professionalism and authenticity that you should expect. Our team of professional musicians who have played around the world in studios, live concerts and TV with some of the biggest names in music.

Your delegates will enjoy the day with these seasoned pros as they coach and facilitate your team into a real rock band.


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