Surprise your delegates, invigorate your corporate event and harness your team work with Junk Funk. Transform your team into a high-energy orchestra, using nothing more than everyday scrap. It definitely isn’t normal, but it really works!

Go on…and try something completely different. Your group returns from coffee or lunch to a radically transformed meeting room. What was a perfectly conventional room is now littered with: Hazard tape, ladders, pipes, cardboard boxes, piles of junk.

Not only this, there are people in hard hats and vizzy vests pounding out rhythms on huge industrial bins. This is not normal! In seconds you are divided into “instrument” departments. Among other things, you might have the pleasure of playing: A humble frying pan, a step ladder, an old computer keyboard, traffic cones, a rubbish bin.

You will never look at these items the same again. Our Junk Funk facilitators will show you the melody, the tone and the rhythms available on these exquisite instruments. You won’t believe how good they can sound. Your team will be transformed into a musical junk ensemble and create a routine that combines their musical skills with some chosen moves.

A “Stomp” style performance is born and we will take the opportunity to highlight a soloist and a star mover and groover to add your company’s personal touch.

No West End Stage performance would be complete without costume so…our budding performers all adorned with the relevant urban garb and prepare for the grand finale. This fun activity combines rhythm, movement and great team spirit. No musical ability is needed, just a willingness to trust your facilitators and colleagues, and to try something new.

A great benefit of Junk Funk is that requires very little set up and break down is just…putting everything back in the big industrial bins. This is great when you want to return straight to your agenda.

We can work with groups as small as five and as large as five thousand and we can provide events that last anything from 15 to 90 minutes. Junk Funk provides the opportunity for numerous business and team working metaphors. It shows how you can change the perception of an environment in seconds and react to it immediately. We can extend the idea further into your evening meal with a themed junk yard urban dinner to tie in with the earlier activity. This can include newspaper table cloths, waiting staff in builders’ dungarees, room hanging with hazard tape and graffiti walls, and an amazing performance from our street dancers…endless opportunities!

It definitely isn’t normal, but who ever really succeeded by just being normal?


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