Would your business benefit from better communication between your team members and departments? Could the performance of some of your staff members be improved? Would a burst of creative ideas and solutions help to streamline the way that you work? Looking for a fun team building session which encourages great communication?

We believe in getting people out of the office, out of their comfort zones and into new and stimulating environments in order to improve communication, cooperation, coordination and encourage a creative approach to problem solving. Music has been used in many scenarios to break down barriers and create harmony.

We have a range of workshops available using drama as the medium. All of our workshops are suitable for the theatrical and non-theatrical alike. They include: Storytelling, Play in a Day, Pantos and much more.

We can arrange for a workshop near you. By building up slowly, teams learn the importance of understanding how communication is so important in teamwork and putting on a production.  

Our Team Building with Theatre workshops are great for team bonding and team development, or as icebreakers or energizers at conferences. They can make team building days out fun and memorable.


East Sussex, Greater London, Kent, West Sussex

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