Paintball by its very nature is one of the best team building activities, as it incorporates many different training and initiative elements.

We have organised many events for many different types of companies, where anybody can participate. Paintball games can last from one hours intense attack and defend scenarios, to a full days event with many different games and training opportunities.

Capture the Flag is probably one of the most well known paintball scenarios. Both teams have a flag in their base camps. It is your job to paintball your way into the enemy base camp, take their flag and return to your base camp to score points. You must also concern your self with how you are going to defend your own flag.

Your team will need to strategically position itself into defenders and attackers so you can effectively capture the enemy flag while keeping your own flag safe.

We have also performed night time paintball activities in many different locations throughout the UK. The teams on this event are briefed on team tactics and told they can not speak during movements between pre-set battle locations.

Upon reaching and finding the enemy your team must devise an attack strategy to include the element of surprise using only hand signals. Once the battle commences the area is lit using flares and land markers.

This is the ultimate challenge in teamwork.


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