How do I use your site?

You can search by activity, area or both to identify the most suitable provider for your event.

Fill out the form with your requirements and we will do the rest!

You may be contacted by a member of our team as we aim to match your requirements with one of our service providers.

If you have chosen a specific provider and they are unable to fulfil your requirements, we will always try to identify an alternative provider.

Will my activity be delivered by findteambuilding.co.uk?


Findteambuilding.co.uk is a directory of party providers/third party suppliers advertising their services.

If you choose to book an activity with a provider/supplier as listed on findteambuilding.co.uk, the contract is between the you and the provider. Findteambuilding.co.uk accepts no liability for the suitability of any providers or third party suppliers advertising on this website.

It is your responsibility to verify the credentials of a provider you may be interested in engaging.

Why should I advertise on findteambuilding.co.uk?

Findteambuilding.co.uk is part of a large group of directories in the UK, US and Australia. Our network sites are top in Google for several hundred thousand search terms. We provide thousands of enquiries for listed companies.

Why is it free to place an advert?

Unlike other websites, findteambuilding.co.uk doesn't charge to place your first advert. We firmly believe you should only pay when you receive a booking which is why we charge per enquiry received.

Your advert will be made live once it has been verified by a member of the findteambuilding.co.uk team. You must also provide a link from your website to findteambuilding.co.uk to be eligible for the free advert. See 'Add a Listing'

Can I appear in more than one category?

Yes. You are allowed to appear in as many categories as you want. Each additional category is priced at £10 and all wording must differ from any other category you appear in. You cannot place two adverts in the same category.

Can I change my advert once it is posted?

You are able to change your advert as many times as you like within your user area. All changes need to be verified by a member of the findteambuilding.co.uk team and may not be live again for 48 hours.

How do I provide a backlink to your website?

Please click the 'Link to Us' tab for more information.

I would like to set up a new category. How do I do this?

If there is not a suitable category for you to appear in, please contact a member of the findteambuilding.co.uk team to discuss.

I would like to book various team building activities. How do I do this?

Fill in an enquiry form (as found on most pages) to be contacted by a member of our team with your requirements and budget

What details should I include in my advert?

Make sure you include as much information about your services as possible. You may also want to include your costs in this section. You are not allowed to include contact details or web links - these will be removed by our team. People will be able to contact you via the standard enquiry form.

There is a separate section for party types and locations so do not duplicate this information in your advert.